Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fitness & Beauty

Healthy eating tips for a long life

One of the greatest things we can do in our lives to improve health and increase longevity and wellness is to eat healthy. To bring up the age old expression, you are what you eat, is to emphasize an important principle that holds a lot of truth. Eating well is the key to good health, and good health is the key to a long and enjoyable life. The challenge is to find a nutritious path through the obstacles of food offerings. To navigate through the allure of tasty, yet empty food choices available at each turn.
Most people know the basics of healthy eating, but its so easy to forget or give in to the temptations of fast food given demands for our time and attention. We would do well to remember that the principles of improving our diet are not difficult to understand, yet may be more difficult to follow. Understanding where we make poor choices is to take a huge step in making improvements in our choices for what we eat.
I believe that some of the greatest improvements to a diet can be made by following only a small number of principles. In other words, to follow a strict diet may be time consuming and difficult, to follow a diet based on a few principles that are paramount to eating healthy, which return the greatest amount of benefit to our wellness, is much easier. A few principles that can make a huge difference in our lives, our health, and our well being.
The first point to understand is that fast food is not just a less nutritious, plainly put, its bad for us. Burgers, french fries, pizza, fried chicken, tacos, you name it the recipes were developed with one thing in mind, to taste good. There is often negative value in them, they are just plain bad for our health. They contain overly processed ingredients, unhealthy fats, chemical preservatives, empty refined ingredients. Stay away from these foods will do more good than anything else.
Avoid foods that are overly prepared. Meaning, if the food is ready to eat, frozen, canned, or boxed, it is more likely to be less healthy. Not always, but as a general rule prepared foods tend to have controversial ingredients and processing techniques A great place to check out any such foods for their nutritious value is foodfacts.com. That gem of a website will really help shed some light on foods and where they rank.
The next broad principle is that if the food is grown in the ground, or is a basic unprepared product, its probably healthy. Fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, grains, basically natural foods are the basis of good eating. In some cases they can be more difficult to prepare, but well worth it for their inherent health benefits. Seek out these foods whenever possible.
Without following a number of strick rules, the average person can improve their diet immensely by following some basic principles of healthy eating. The increased energy and feeling of wellness can be great by doing so, and the long term effects of making these good diet choices are profound.

How to look thinner

So you want to look a bit thinner this weekend for that special occasion? No time to get on that diet you had in mind, more immediate action is in order. Lets explore what might work and what will probably not work.
If you are thinking about wearing a size or two larger than your actual size, think again. By doing so you may hide a tummy with a few too many inches, but at the same time you might just be making yourself look all that much larger. Not good. The bigger cloths trick really backfires most of the time. Likewise, wearing cloths a bit small can have equally bad results. In the case of cloths too small, they may be too tight and show off some lines you would rather not show off.
Okay, but what works? The first and foremost thing to do is, drum roll please, be confident and poised. All the tricks and tips listed below can help, but the thing that will help the most is simply holding yourself in a confident light. Trust me on this one, you will look much better with self confidence and composure. If you look composed, you will appear more in control, look better, and in turn look thinner too. People’s perception of you will be in a much more positive light. Just remember, you are a great person inside and out, and you will show it. Believe!
Now some tips and tricks to look thinner.
  • Slightly bending the rule above, if you have thighs a bit thick, try wearing just slightly larger top and streamlined pants. Not much larger, just a tad, just a tad.
  • Wear cloths of solid color or try something with some strips that go lengthwise. Avoid cloths that have any stripping or accents that are horizontal. They will serve to accentuate in the wrong way.
  • Try to avoid cloths that bunch up creating points that stick out beyond your body lines. The idea is to have smooth lines without clinging too tight. If clothes bunch up and stick out too far they will make you appear larger.
  • Try wearing some higher heels, that will firm up and shape your legs in a more favorable way. They will help make you look taller and thinner.
  • Tops that are either boatneck or accessories around the neck will help to draw eyes upward. Your smile will help here too. Smile, confidence, it works.
  • Avoid clingy cloths. Well shaped and fitting, yet light cloths are your best friend, they will do wonders.
  • Likewise, avoid baggy pants or tops, they will make you look larger than you are and might add some pounds to your appearance.
Now go and get ready. You have some shopping to do. Just remember, have fun and be confident. You will look great and feel great!